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Key Points

1 GAF is a forum for accreditation for achieving quality of life. It achieves this via such accreditation activities as will support its "Predication of Quality".
2 The scope of accreditation activities is such that all organisations, of whatever professional impetus, commercial orientation, political colour or religious or spiritual belief, may come within the embrace of its activity.
3 GA is international and membership is open to organisations from any country.
4 Membership of GAF is open to representative organisational groups.
5 Membership of GAF is such that dominance of one particular group or interest is held in check.
6 GA's mission is to facilitate compliance with standards in such a manner that the quality of life of the citizens of all nations may benefit.
7 GAF's administrative location is in a location that is comparatively neutral in terms of past history of Quality Assurance so as to ensure the absence of dominant interests.
8 GAF's influence is mainly in the facilitation of trade via the removal of trade barriers, the provision of quality assurance and the maintenance of focus upon the ultimate consumer.
9 GAF will provide assurance to interested or concerned enquirers regarding the activities of those with whom it is associated.
10 GAF is non-profit making and has financial interests only in so far as is necessary to support its activities. Its financial structure and operation is such as to not be dependent upon any one dominant financial interest.