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What we are about

Global Accreditation Forum is an international association for accreditation.
We have a defined purpose based upon a predication of quality
from a human rights perspective. Our presumption of quality is defined
on the basis of public expectation of quality and we have an assertion that
products and services have to provide satisfaction in ownership for the end user.
Our rationale for these arguments is publicly available.

Global Accreditation

To find out more about how to get accreditation

Our Vision & Mission

Global Accreditation Forum's vision is to achieve appropriate levels of quality product and service for consumers without the general public having to support

(via higher prices), a weighty bureaucracy and administrative system(s) for the achievement of a level of quality that should be theirs by right. Our mission is to establish Global Accreditation Forum as an authoritative organisation that provides guidance and direction for the achievement of Quality. Wherever possible, GA will defer to, and utilise arrangements and organisations that already exist and will suggest alternatives only if inefficiencies, self interest, cartel or trust issues, or tardiness is perceived with existing institutions

About us

Global Accreditation Forum is a group of experienced quality professionals that is keen to promote the best practices in the quality assurance discipline. We are independent and free of government and political control.

We have observed that standards for products and management systems and standards and guides for their assessment, certification and accreditation have proliferated in the last two to three decades. Whilst it has resulted in an increase in quality assurance awareness in many quarters the disciplines of QA have in many instance turned in on the quality professionwhich has over indulged itself with protocols and arrangements for quality. As a result, essential documents that should be produced in a matter of a few weeks have sometimes taken many years to produce.

Top Level Documents

The following downloads are general documents for visitors to this web site.

Confidentiality (13 Kb)


Global Accreditation confidentiality statement for visitors to our web site.
Complaints (10 Kb) 


     If you have a complaint about Global Accreditation or any of its members this document will help you raise it to a level   where we may be able to assist you.
Data Protection (10 Kb)

Data Protection

This Instruction details how we look after information collected at this web site.


Who we are

Global Accreditation Forum is the trading style of Global AF limited